My philosophy on nursing

Assignments **Personal Philosophy Paper Objectives • Begin to formulate a personal philosophy of nursing. • Identify a personal definition, assumptions, and understanding of the four phenomena of concern in nursing. • Compare and contrast individual nursing philosophy and professionally established philosophies. • Discuss the nurse’s role in providing care to individuals, families, communities and populations that is caring and compassionate (Course objective #3). • Verbalize a commitment to health care policies that are rooted in the principles of altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice (Course objective # 8). • Identify the interrelationship between nursing’s core values and Franciscan values (Course objective # 21). Directions Prepare a minimum 5-page, maximum 7-page paper. (I will stop reading after page 7). A minimum of 3 scholarly sources must be used excluding the text. Included in the paper must be a discussion of the following: 1. Discuss your personal philosophy of nursing including: definition, assumptions, and understanding of the following interrelated concepts: person, environment, health, and nursing. 2. Compare and contrast your belief/philosophy with that of a professionally recognized nurse theorist (faculty must approve the theorist you choose). 3. How does your personal philosophy address culture, spirituality, age, gender, etc.? 4. How does your personal nursing philosophy assist patients and families in their own quest for God? 5. Does your philosophy have implications for the future of nursing and/or new nursing roles? **This assignment is a component of this program’s “Outcome Assessment Plan” which evaluates student’s critical thinking. Students who receive less than 77% will be required to modify their paper/presentation until a passing grade has been reached. The student’s original grade will be the only one counted toward the final grade. The theorist I’m modeling my own philosophy is Jean Waston(main) and other is Martha Rogers