Situation Description (Analyt Evid Based Decis Making)

This is a one full page paper & one reference and please do not copy word for word off of the internet or other students papers. The directions are below in RED.

Week #4 Discussion: Step 1—Situation Description (Analyt Evid Based Decis Making)
Last week you learned about one important analytical tool: Quantitative Cyber Quest, or QCQ. The first step of the QCQ process involves describing the situation to be analyzed. This in turn involves identifying the central aim to be achieved followed by the identification of specific goal variables related to this central aim.

To prepare:

· Review Chapter 4 of your course text, focusing on Step 1 of the QCQ process.

· Think of a potential issue that might need addressing within your workplace or some other issue of interest within a local, state, national, or international public agency, such as reducing carbon monoxide concentration or keeping up with the repairs of school tablets.

With these thoughts in mind:

By Day 3

Post a potential issue you have chosen.

Identify a client and a central aim related to that issue.

Discuss 2–3 other main goal variables that might be addressed based on your central aim.

Discuss other background information you think would be helpful in determining your goals.

Include a discussion of how you might frame the question(s) needed by the organization, which will then drive the data requirements.