What questions related to the course focus, our review of the field of psychology from multiple perspectives, the body of literature related to the field, professional organizations and careers in psychology, would you like to ask about and why?

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· What questions related to the course focus, our review of the field of psychology from multiple perspectives, the body of literature related to the field, professional organizations and careers in psychology, would you like to ask about and why?

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Greetings, Professor and classmates! It is hard to believe that we are in Week 7 of this course. I can’t believe that this is my final course and there are two weeks left of it. I think that, overall, this class has been extraordinary. I can’t think of any questions that I have off the top of my head. Maybe as I write this something will come to me, but for the most part, I believe, that this class has answered any and all questions that I had before taking it. I had some questions about getting licensed in counseling but, through completing the professional interview, all of those questions got answered. The professional organizations are ones that I will turn to in the future. Not all the ones that we looked at and researched applies to me and the field that I want to enter, but I am definitely going to be getting a membership in the ACA and the APA. The APA has a career section that I believe I will use once I am licensed to look for employment. I will also use the webinars for information in the future. I think that, in this course, we have covered just about everything and it has left me with no real questions. I think that the field of psychology is an interesting one. There are so many career choices that a person’s can go into in the field of psychology. I am definitely going on to earn a Master’s degree in Addictions Counseling at Liberty University. I have already applied, and been accepted. I have been working on registering for my courses while finishing up this course here at APUS. I look forward to finishing this class up and I look forward to my future career in counseling! Good luck to all!


Hello Class,

I hope to become a psychology guru one day. Knowing the answers to all of the questions that one would ask, but first, one must ask the questions to be knowledgeable. I have a few of many questions and look forward to seeing what you all will voice out and our related thoughts of the matter.

1) WHAT INSPIRED YOU ALL TO PURSUE PSYCHOLOGY? Was there an experience that led you all to this profession? A calling? A certain profession within psychology that inspired you all?

2) WHAT DIFFERENCE CAN YOU/WANT TO MAKE WITHIN PSYCHOLOGY? A personal mission? A personal vendetta? What needs to change to make better?

3) WAS THE CHOSEN PROFESSION THE BEST FIT OR PLAN TO PURSUE ANOTHER FIELD WITHIN PSYCHOLOGY? The right career path? Changed mind? Pursuing another field within psychology entirely?

4) ANY INTERESTS IN TEACHING ABOUT THE CHOSEN PROFESSION? Anyone want to teach or produce literature that may not exist yet? Could the profession be described more in depth if presented the opportunity to? Spread the word about the chosen profession?

and to be quite frank…

5) WAS THIS COURSE HELPFUL IN DIRECTING A CHOSEN CAREER PATH? More direct assignments? More/less papers? Adequate/not adequate enough to grasp concept?


I felt that I had a pretty good grasp on psychology as a whole. As mentioned before, I love studying behavior and how the mind operates via thoughts, emotions, behaviors, etc. I do have an immense love to help people solve life problems, hence why I feel that counseling psychology would be the best way to go.

I love to make a positive difference in one’s life. If I can make one’s life better it bring me great happiness.

I would love to be a jack-of-all-trades psychologist but I feel counseling would be the best fit for me.

I would love to teach but it is not exactly a pursued interest of mine, but I would love to speak at a conference of some sort.

This course did help me. I was on the fence with a few options but in doing more research and comparing notes I feel more defined in the end. This class could always include more work and more articles and the class can always be improved one way or another, but I did enjoy the simplicity and the direct, to the point material that this class bestowed, an overall success.


Greetings Professor and Fellow Classmates,

We are here almost to the finish line. I want to say Thank you to all, for making this last seven weeks most engaging and enjoyable. I couldn’t ask for a better class to finish out. I didn’t think I would make through looking at my last two weeks course load. Each class has ten page papers and the other has 12 and 20 slide powerpoints and 10 page papers. These weekly forums have been refreshing and has helped me with getting prepared to write those ten page papers. Oh I’m suppose to be asking the class questions. Gotta stay focused.

Question 1. Whose having the after classes party?

2. How is everyone feeling at this point?

3. Has anyone decided where they are going for their Master’s?

4. What do you think of this proficiency test we need to take before graduation? No way to prepare for it either.

5. How did everyone’s interview go?

6. Has anyone still not found someone to interview? Sign up and join a professional organization. I joined SIOP emailed and cc’d ten people and got a response in less than an hour. I got the interview the next morning.

7. Is everyone going to commencement?

8. Anyone on the west coast want to drive cross country with me?

9. Are these questions suppose to be related to Psychology? lol

10. On a serious note, I would liked to know has anyone had second thoughts about the field of psychology they want to practice in?

The one question I would want to ask in relationships to careers in psychology is what area did you find to be least interesting and why? I ask this question because I found so many things to like about every area that I was curious as to if anyone disliked any area.

I’m praying success for each of you as you embark on your first, second or third career. Hope to see you at commencement, I’ll be trying to make it cross country if I don’t sedate myself heavily and fly.

Have a happy, healthy and safe summer and all the best in your graduate studies.

Signing off,


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