Work-Integrated Project

The Proposal and Presentation
Executive Summary
Background and Review of the Challenge
Hierarchical Decomposition Process
Scope and Scope Exclusions
Development Tasks and Milestones
Risk Analysis and Quality Assurance Process
The Project Team
Project Work Plan
Control Plan and Timeline
Roles and Responsibilities
Executive Summary
This paper focuses on its proposal of making the Dietary Department a profit center and not an expense department. Over the years, the Dietary Department has been known to be an expense center in the hospital. This is because its main function is to support the health management of patients by providing nutritious and adequate meals at a reasonable cost for the hospital. However, with the changing trends in hospital services, foodservice in the hospital industry has shifted and is currently making trends in creating additional revenue for the hospital.
There are several ways and possible solutions in developing this trend in a food service hospital industry. However, there are certain things that need to be considered in adopting a new service for the dietary. It should not compromise its primary role in providing the needed health support but must maximize its resources in order to create the additional revenue needed for change.