Develop steps and procedures for athlete nutrition counseling

1) Create an athlete assessment form to gather information about athletes. This is a form you create used to assess all of the athletes with whom you work.
a. Determine which information is pertinent for making recommendations and for developing an individualized plan (age, gender, anthropometric, sport/ position, health history, dietary habits, body comp, goals, etc.).
b. What tools are you going to use to capture intake information (FFQ, 3-day diet record, 24-hr food recall, etc.)?
c. Include Stage of Change assessment (transtheoretical model).
i. Include 2-4 specific questions that allow you identify where your athletes are in the continuum of behavior change
ii. You can read about Stages of Change in the presentation on Athlete Counseling (Blackboard) or find information online.
d. Discuss how you would gather the information used in the assessment (form completed by athlete in advance, or completed by you in person or in advance, in person, phone, or electronic, etc).

2) Outline the steps for the initial consultation with your athlete in one to two pages.
a. What is the order of events/information gathering during the first nutrition session? (establishing rapport, taking anthro measurements, diet history, etc)
b. You can include components of your athlete assessment from above.
c. What if any information do you need prior to meeting with your athlete?
d. Determine how you will monitor and follow-up with your athlete.
3) Submit (Word, Excel, or PDF):
a. Athlete assessment tool (1 page)
b. Outline of athlete nutrition consultation and follow up plan (1-2 pages)