discussing dengue fever virus.

Original Post- I will be discussing dengue fever virus. This virus is transmitted by a different family of mosquitoes. Since it is a virus it really does not or can not be treated by any antibiotics or medicines. So you kind of have to let it take its own effect on you or let it run it course though your system. It seems to cause inflammation in your joints, rashes, and fever. It might almost seem like flu symptoms that area on you.

It seemed to had done worse damage to children under 10 years old prior to the vaccination that they came out with in April 2016. But it had made them really sick and cause all kinds of different symptoms that could cause hemorrhaging in the abdominal area. It would almost make it impossible to help when you think about it.

It came from the subtropic and tropical areas of where these mosquitoes came from. It effects the warmer countries because these are obviously the places where these mosquitoes can survive and carry this virus without any of these issues. But in the colder climate countries obviously these mosquitoes will die and not survive these climates and the virus of course would die with them. And will not be able to carry though the colder climates.

Because of how this virus effects the joint with all the inflammation and other joint issues it was considered to be call the “breakbone fever” or “dandy fever.” Due to the effects it did to your body and how it changed it made these names impossible to be changed to other names. It would seem like it would permanently effect everything in your body and would physical change it to be changed in a way that it could not be reversed in any way or form. It would seem like it was so hard for these people to go though this change and make it seem so incredibly hard to deal with these issues. It makes it just such a ridiculous type of virus that nothing can help fix it.

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