everyone is mentally healthy

-I like that you included in your ideal community is where “everyone is mentally healthy.” I think getting rid of the stigma around mental illnesses is the first step towards this ideal. Many people who suffer from mental illness refrain from seeking professional help because of negative stereotypes/labels. I personally didn’t want to talk to a therapist or tell people that I was depressed because I felt that it would my family and friends would gossip about me.

2-You are correct in educating for smoking. There should be education that focuses on our next generation such as alcoholism, illegal drug use, prescription drug misuse, and teenage pregnancy. It would be ideal to have an area for children to go after school if their parents are working, like afterschool programs, or YMCA. Implementing highschoolers in a work program would be beneficial as well. This would teach children about finances, work ethics, and responsibility.

3-Hey Nikki, as I was reading your post, the second sentence of your first paragraph got me confused, I quote, “I think about a community where poverty is non-existent.” Can you please elaborate? Do you mean they all have to be rich, or even if the healthcare is expensive, they should or must be able to pay for it? I just need more explanations.

4- i agree that nurses have a hard time with cultural diversity. Nurses take care of a vast number of patient from differernt cultural background. Sometimes, they may have communication barrier with patients whose English is a second language. In order to overcome this problem, interpreters can be used an interpreting machine can be used. Nurses also have to respect others cultures, and try as much as possible to accomodate the patients with siffernt cultures.

5-Prevention of diseases through simple public education and certain lifestyle changes can definitely bring about better outcomes.

6-My workplace offers walks with the docs to promote healthy lifestyles and free screenings that set up near every department to make it easy for everyone to attend during work hours and our charge nurses push us into going. They involve blood glucose screenings, bmi, and cholesterol levels that pay out at the end of the year and if we do all screenings according to age and risks we can receive up to $150 in a gift card. There is also another program that they take you freshly grown vegetables for $30 every 2 weeks that is payroll deduct and they hand deliver them to you to promote more healthy eating. I recently was made aware that they also have exercise classes available on certain days that are free to employees which I think is a great incentive given that sometimes nurses do not have the time to go to a gym or a class that is distant from their home or workplace. It gives them more motivation to keep an active lifestyle knowing there is a free and closer to workplace exercise class.