long standing plaque psoriasis

A forty year old male with long standing plaque psoriasis has had a routine set of tests during a yearly checkup. He is currently

on Neotigason and his psoriasis seems well managed though he complains of depression. Always a heavy drinker this has worsened

lately with his drinking a litre and a half of red wine every night. Previously he has been treated with methotrexate and light

therapy though with little success.

Results of the reading:
Bilirubin (Total): 64 µmol/L
AlkPhos: 413 U/L
ALT: 143 U/L
γ GT: 337 U/L
Albumin: 25 g/L
Total protein: 57 g/L
INR: 1.6

Analyse the results of the readings above and:
1. List down the possible causes as to why there is there an increase/decrease in the results of the readings.
2. What other further tests/analysis can be done to rule out likely condition/ disease that he may have
3. What other further tests/analysis can be done to help confirm that he most likely has that/these disease(s).

Note: The alcoholism leads to psoriasis and the depression is not the key issue that requires a lot of attention on for this case.