Personal marketing plan

Personal marketing plan
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Personal marketing plan
My Goal is to open become a chief executive office for a major healthcare organization. Based on that please create a personal marketing plan using the power point example that is provided.
Please do not complete this assignment in powerpoint format wird text is fine, just be sure to follow the sample outline and make sure all is properly labeled and defined.
Starting your own business typically has three phases: One is figuring out what business to own; the second is actually getting the business started; and the third is managing and operating the business.For this PMP you would be providing information for the first phase, but I wanted you to realize wha tthe next steps are. So once you have the first phase completed you would move to the second (marketing yourself to the industry, including suppliers, the city, bankers, partners and more). Then the third phase would involve establishing an operating plan in which you would market yourself as marketing yourself to the staff, community, other business leaders, professional groups and moreOwning your own business, moving up in your company or moving to a new company…..all involve marketing yourself. Try to think about the many issues of marketing a product and then relate them to
marketing yourself. Have some fun with this! You will find it extremely useful.
The components of Part 1 of Personal Marketing Plan for Unit 5 are evaluated using this rubric.
Please Note:
[GB530| Marketing Management]
Criteria Possible Points
Vision: strategic intent and your desired company and desired job
Marketing Summary: SWOT analysis, your chief competition, and your core
Target Markets: your chosen industry, demographics, corporate culture, and
name of three possible firms and why
Writing: appearance, grammar/spelling, organization