.Posture And Stability

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Posture is something we all sort of don’t pay too much attention to, but is extremely important. I think when we hear the word posture, we think of our mothers correcting our appearance and basically shrugging and not really caring about it. However, posture is something we should practice every day and always make sure we are standing properly. The neutral spine is the most common reference when it comes to speaking about posture terms. It basically means aligning your spine where everything is centered. Your feet are right below your hips, your neck is straight, and your shoulders should be leveled. This posture has so many benefits for our body. There are so many different kinds of posture, such as the military posture were we stand tall and align our joints together. It’s not just our spine/back that contribute to posture. Posture is our whole entire body. The position of the ankles and knees affect the rest our bodies. That is why you see so many athletes having issues with feet, runner’s knee, achilles tendonitis, ect. Having your knee in a position, or your feet in a position for too long, that is not the ordinary posture, affects your body. You see dancers who create too much movement or abrupt movements to their hips end up having hip injuries or needing surgery. Stability is a whole different level of importance. Stability is basically the support we all need. Our muscles are constantly pushing force upon its joints to impart tension and stiffness. According to PTonthenet, these muscles are regulated by a finely tuned nervous system that sends and receives messages from the spinal ligaments and muscle to provide stability framework that is highly capable of tremendous and extremely enduring support. Because of this, our joints in our spine are able to balance for long periods of time without any issue. Posture and stability correlate in so many ways. It makes it very difficult to sustain a great amount of stability if your posture is not correct.