Psychology Paper

For this assignment, refer to your journal entries for the activities you completed in Sections 6 and 7 of the Positive Psychology Journal media piece. Organize your paper using the headings listed below to be sure you address each of the elements of this written assignment. Use the APA Paper Template, available in the Resources, to properly format your assignment.

Assignment Instructions

Journal Activity Summary

· List each journal activity (for example, 6.1 Forgiveness, 6:2 Self-Regulation, 7:1 Gratitude) you completed for this assignment.

· Include a very brief description of the activity with in-text citations and references as needed to identify the location or source of the activity or additional resources.

· Summarize and explain your personal reflections and insights to demonstrate what you learned from each of these experiential learning activities. (As an experiential learner, developing insights is something you must actively work to ensure.)

· Describe how these experiential activities or the character strengths they represent are related to optimal human functioning.

Application to Personal, Professional, or Social Issues

· Summarize how what you learned from the activities and the study of character strengths for this assignment may be applied to personal issues in your life, professional issues as in an educational or work setting, or social issues such as aging, mental health versus mental illness, and happiness and well-being.

· Analyze the strengths and weaknesses (advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons) of applying what you learned or the character strengths studied to the personal, professional, or social issues.

· Include supportive research findings related to these topics (1–2 scholarly resources).

· Be sure to cite all scholarly sources where appropriate. Your writing should be scholarly and professional, using proper APA formatting and style.