Strategy and HR Planning

Case Study #1- Merck: A Healthy Approach to Engagement: BUS 350 – Unit 2 Case – DOL Merck Hay Group.pdfPreview the document

Read the case and answer the following questions:

What three areas did Merck focus on that would address the employee experience aspects of customer service?

Why is Merck trying to link employee feedback to customer feedback?

Which of the three key ways Merck engages its people to deliver for customers would be the most important to you as an employee of Merck.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Case Study #2- Equal Employment Opportunity: BUS 350 – Unit 3 Case – Harassment.pdfPreview the document

Answer questions 1, 2, and 3.

Job Analysis and Design

Case Study #1- Yahoo Cuts the Cord on Telecommuting: BUS 350 – Unit 3 Case – Job Design.pdfPreview the document

Answer questions 1 and 2

Minimum 3 pages

Written assignments (other than Discussions) in this course will use the following grading rubric:

30% Quality of Writing: Articulation of ideas, using correct grammar and spelling, with effective structure to the paper, and appropriate use of APA-style citations and references.

30% Application of Content: Synthesizes and analyzes course content and relevant outside research, and applies it appropriately in the paper.

40% Creativity, Originality, and/or Author Suggestions: Critical thinking, innovative and original perspective, and appropriate analysis and recommendations (where applicable).