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Movie review: there are several movies that have AOD as a theme ;( 28 Days, Traffic, Clean and So

ber; Blow, 21 Grams). Select one of these and write up a movie review. Write a summary of the story that is being described or addressed. Did the information in the movie relate to information we covered in class? Observe and write the symptoms of addiction, or the bio-psycho-social aspects of addiction, or the social/legal aspects of addiction that are shown in the show. What did you learn about AOD from the story? If you know of another movie not mentioned here write up a review—would you recommend this for this class?

that what we covered in class

1-Introduction Drugs/Categories Trends and Patterns Defining Use, Abuse and Addiction

2-Physiology Pharmacology Modes of Administration Theories of Addiction Biopsychosocial Model

3-Alcohol in the body and the brain BAC/ abuse/addiction Alcohol Policy CNS Depressants

4-Marijuana Pharmacology Marijuana Regulation

Policy Discussion

5-Stimulants Pharmacology Methamphetamines Policy for control Frontline Documentary

“Meth Epidemic”

6-Narcotics/ Opiates Current Opiate Epidemic

7-Hallucinogens Tobacco Pharmacology and Policy

8-Prevention ,Treatment

9-Special Populations War on Drugs: International Perspective

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will:

· Explain the historical and cultural perspectives of alcohol and drug use and misuse in the US.

· Demonstrate knowledge of present pharmacological impacts on drug use and drug addiction.

· Describe and discuss human neurophysiology and the effects of various drugs on this system.

· Interpret past US policies and law enforcement practices for specific drug categories and predict possible future drug policy outcomes.

· Explain and describe the distinction between alcohol/drug use, abuse and dependency.

· Identify the impact of abuse/addiction on individuals, communities and culture in the US.

· Analyze prevention, intervention and treatment modalities for populations experiencing alcohol/drug use, abuse and dependency.

· Develop a personal position regarding drug and alcohol use, based on the study of current trends and patterns in the US and internationally.