Consumer Purchase Analysis Paper

Consumer Purchase Analysis Paper
In this assignment, you will report out on the purchasing decisions you made and recorded in weeks 1 – 4. Review those purchases and make note of any trends you saw in the purchases.
With these thoughts in mind, prepare a 3-4 page paper, not including title page and references, presenting an analysis and synthesis of your buying habits based on perception, learning, memory, motivation, attitudes, trends, processes, and decision process differences in your decision making process. In your final summary paragraph, share if this exercise will influence future decision making.
Below are are the journal of weekly purchase
Week 1
There are many purchases which I have been able to make throughout the week. One of the purchases is two trousers and t-shirts. I decided to add something to my wardrobe. The decision to buy the clothes was influenced by the social media content. There are many advertisements of classic clothes which are displayed on social media platforms. This therefore influencedby decision. Another purchase was sunglasses. I decided to make a purchase of sunglasses for fun. This decision was purely made personally. However, there was a time a during the week we were walking with my friends and while window-shopping, we realized that some caps were looking good. We decided to buy one each. This was a group thinking and at the same time impulse buying. Some of these decisions I made while alone and some have been made in public.
Another buying decision which I made during the week was related to food. I was not feeling hungry. However, when we are walking down the streets, my friend suggested that we go into a restaurant. Then we realized that there was some food we had never consumed. We asked about the recipe and ingredients,and we were interested. We deiced to try the product out, and it was good. During the week, I have also made a shoe purchase. This was purely influenced by social media. This is because Isaw my friend wearing some sneakers which were appealing and decided that I needed to have the same sneakers. I searched for the sneakers online and made a purchase.
The many decisions which I have made to make purchases have had an external and internal factor which has influenced the decision. The advertisements have also affected the brand which I bought. The pricing has also been very instrumental in making my purchase decisions. The society is key when it comes to consumption, and we need to realize these factors.
Week 2
This week I have purchased a laptop, microwave and a video camcorder all from Toshiba brand, an aeropostale branded cap for my golf game, a smartphone and smart watch by Asus and a dell laptop for my younger sibling. My purchasing power was driven by social messaging from the Toshiba brands as they have kept me updated of their new products since I had earlier purchased a smart television set and signed for a loyalty reward. The aeropostale cap was influenced by my years back in college while for the Asus brands I was influenced by their affordability, quality and their availability on the online shopping platform.
Week 3
Journal Entry for Datsun GO Plus
In making the decision based on the suppliers of the automobile, then it is important to consider the prices of the cars, and nature at which they are being sold and the rating that they give to the general public and the clients. Motor vehicle dealing is quite challenging when it gets to having a car of your choice depending on the fluctuations in the prices (Stickney, 2010).
In making a decision on what to take in this line of dealers, then it will depend on the terms and conditions of the dealer. I would choose to deal with BHPH dealer due to their low prices on the cash sales which is $ 695 that is rather second cheapest after Retail Prime dealer on the used cars, who restricts to the cash sales only. In this case the choice of buying or purchasing the cars at the interest of the customers.
In looking into the journal it gives a comprehensive price analysis and rating that the persons have given in their experience with the dealers and the services they are offering (Capon, & Hulbert, 2011) in dealing with the brands of the cars. In a dealership that uses the consistencies and the accuracy of the entry in the journal for the transactions that are recorded by the dealers in relation to the pricing of the cars.
All in all, in understanding the journal as illustrated above, it provides a simple reflection of the prices of the cars and helps in making decisions for the clients or the customers to have their choices met depending on what they have on hand to purchase a such a brand in the market without having the deepened analysis of the different dealers on the brand provided. Therefore, this paper has described in detail the Datsun GO plus brand and its dealers on how its customers can be served.
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Week 4
In this particular week, I was able to purchase an iPhone X which I replaced with my iPhone 8. I believe that there are a number of factors that influenced me to make this particular purchase. To start with I believe that iPhone x being the latest smartphone in the iPhone series has a number of advanced features that were not present in the previous version of the iPhone series. I believe that the main aspect that made me make this particular decision was based on the various advertisements that have been present concerning this particular brand on the digital media. The advertisements provided on the digital media have shown that the iPhone x. From the digital media, I was able to learn about the various features that make this phone outstanding when compared to other smartphones (Gashi, 2017).For instance, this smartphone has the ability to recognize one’s face and this helps to ensure that the phone s secure since it can only be unlocked via the aspect of facial recognition. Moreover, I was also able to learn that this device is able to provide one with the latest security updates via its sophisticated software. Another interesting bit of this phone that made me feel motivated to purchase it is because the features of its cameras are outstanding and are unique when compared to those found in other smartphones. The ability to zoom the camera and still obtain quality images also made me purchase this smartphone mainly because I love taking quality pictures. Additionally, I was also socially motivated to purchase this particular device, most of my closest friends and family members have also purchased this device and thus I did not want to feel left out and this made me purchase the iPhone x in order to avoid being a social misfit (Haselton 2018).
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