Essentials of Testing and Assessment:



Attached are the two chapter power points to choose from. Study them and then create a question coming from your thoughts for me to post as his instructions ask for. Also, be sure it has to do with the chapters and you give me follow-up information on your question as other students will be chiming in to my question and I need to have something to say in return.

If you have access to online books, the book chapters are from this book:

Essentials of Testing and Assessment: A Practical Guide for Counselors, Social Workers, and Psychologists by – Edward S. Neukrug

Instructor’s instructions: Please post a thoughtful question in this forum from one of the chapters assigned for this week. You will be evaluated on your ability to discuss topics, give examples, and explain the information covered in the chapter.

Your response may also involve asking follow-up questions. It is expected that you will have read the chapters.