Case Assignment

Emerging Trends: Designing For Agility and Innovation

One of the most critical issues facing organizations is keeping up with digitization of the workplace. The reality confronting organizations is increasingly complex. Many leaders, who were trained when organizational structure was simpler, are hampered with outdated skills.

Organization design must evolve along with the organizations and its leadership to support adaptive and innovative workplaces.

Let us look at trends in organization structure. Using the class text and, predominately, articles from Trident Library’s full-text databases (like Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, and/or ProQuest Central) research organization structure. Do not use any quotations.

Organizational Design

· A brief history. Consider modern workplaces before digitization and automation became prevalent. (1 page)

Trends in Organizational Design

· Research top trends affecting modern organizational design (1 page)

Workplace Application: Organizational Design

· Research efficient organizational design in your chosen industry (1 page)

Your submission will include:

· Trident University International’s cover page

· A three-page paper with APA citations (2- to 3-sentence introduction, body, 2- to 3-sentence conclusion)

· The reference list page in APA format

Assignment Expectations

· Case reports are to be prepared in Microsoft Word and should be 3-4 pages in length, in addition to a cover page (course name and number, module number, session name, student name, and date prepared) and reference list – double-spaced, 12 pt. type, Times New Roman font.

· Report content should include a brief introduction to the assignment, background information about the organization being studied, the organizational chart, and your discussion of organizational structure in terms of the concepts or theories being applied in the assignment.

· Use subtitles, bullets, and tables to improve presentation values.