read the case and write 1-2 page 

1. read the case and write 1-2 page

2. Not a summary, but need to point out some key point (like a final conclusion)

3. can come with some opinion

4. not plagiarism

5. please follow my key statement (can be revise)

my statement:

Monsanto seems to have recently tried, but still fails to even create an ethical culture that can effectively respond to various stakeholders. Monsanto was taking part in a production process that polluted the environment. However, the company never cared to solve the pollution issue until it had to be taken to court and fined, they continually get legislation regarding their product passed in countries, by unethical means, including America. Their product in itself harms the stakeholders they have identified in both direct and indirect ways. Before an ethical culture can be achieved, an ethical product must be considered and implemented.

The benefits of growing GM seeds for crops is that you can put herbicides and pesticides in the seeds to prevent insects from eating them. It can also protect from weeds overtaking and killing the crop. This helps farmers grow crops successfully which increases their profits. This allows them to save money at the same time. However, on the downside this can prove harmful to people who consume them. There is a threat to the environment of contamination.

The harm it causes to bio-indicator species like tadpoles as well as the documented harm to human cells, should be enough to stop polluting our ecosystems with this.