Central Piedmont Community College Philosophy Question




Compare and contrast any 2 perspectives from any of the units covered in this course. You will not argue for either perspective but instead summarize the two different perspectives and explain how they relate and respond to each other.

Rubric: Five required elements.


The essay must address all the relevant concepts in the passage in a clear and concise manner.

  1. Argument:

The essay must follow the argument of the passage in a way that is evident in the essay, showing how the concepts connect to one another.

  1. Recap:
  2. The essay should end with a clear explanation or recap of the argument

Conventional Grammar Mechanics:

  1. The essay should follow conventional grammar mechanics.
  2. Style:

The essay should be readable, clear, concise, and well-formulated.

  1. It should avoid being overly conversational
  2. A = All five categories are evident and at least meet expectations

B = At Least 4 categories are evident

  1. C = At Least 3 categories are evident
  2. D = At Least 2 categories are evident

F = At Least 1 category is evident

  1. Textbook:
  2. The Norton Introduction to Philosophy Second Edition (ISBN: 978-0-393-62442-7)