Review the “What a Manager Should Say” video.

This assignment brings together the work completed in both the practicum and individual assignments to this point.

Design a 1,400- to 2,100-word “change and negotiation plan” and “summary”.

Include the following:

An abstract that briefly describe the change and negotiation plan
An introduction that describes the audience–such as the senior leadership or the unit manager–and the purpose of the change and negotiation plan
Analysis of the practicum problem
Description of the chosen change theory (Organizational CHANGE theory, not Nursing theory)
Proposed change(s), strategies, and the importance of each
The various stakeholders and describe their roles within the change (include titles only, not actual names)
Explanation of the proposed change process (including details on the various steps)
Description of the proposed communication plan for the change
Explanation of the tactics, styles, or strategies that will be used in the negotiation processes.
Research 4+ peer reviewed professional references in united states to support your work.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

(What Manager Should Say: The main points I got out of this video are active listening, do not put others down, and use positive language. I think that all of these are important aspects in leadership, especially active listening. I always try to listen to my nurses and have an “open door” policy. I have found that literally keeping my door open leads nurses to just pop in and say hi when they have the change or to ask questions. By being an active listener, more nurses come to me with concerns then other house supervisors because they trust me. I have also learned that it is important to be very careful of your choice of words. I was speaking with a colleague and made a comment about another person. In my mind it was not a negative comment but the person I was speaking to went right away and told the other person what I said. Needless to say that ended up in an awkward confrontation. That experience has taught me to choose words wisely. )