1- KPI Performance Data

Gather specific performance data for each KPI, and create a sample BSC reporting format for the data that is clear, impactful, meets professional standards and is readily communicated. You will find many examples of BSC formats through an internet search.

2- KPI Performance Monitoring/Analysis Process

Describe in detail the process you recommend to implement the BSC in your organization. You should address issues of data collection; automation and tools; data analysis; performance improvement; communication and buy-in by organization members.

3- APA formatting is appropriately used, and at least 5 secondary academic resources are used to support analysis


Financial Perspective

Commitment means doing the best to meet shareholder expectations in a predictable, consistent way over time (Deere & Company, 2018). In order to stay in business, John Deere has to have a better investment for shareholders, which means it will be required to raise the profit. The objective is to raise profits and grow revenue throughout John Deere. The new gator line will influence the profits, due to the fact John Deere has invested over $46 million in the new gator plant in Horicon WI; this was the biggest investment to date. To make sure the investment runs smoothly, it is imperative that John Deere core values are implemented on a daily basis. (Pyke, 2018) The key performance indicators of the new gator line will help increase market share with new products being added to the market. This will influence the market revenue and will bring new services when customers buy new products. Creating a CRM report will allow John Deere to look closely at the new percentages to increase shareholders wealth, and make further decisions then as to whether they are on track or they need to advise some changes and numbers.

Customer Perspective

Innovation means investing, designing, and developing break through products and services (Deere & Company, 2018). John Deere’s customers want higher quality with leading innovation. The objective is to increase the number of sales by improving the number of sales. It is imperative to retain and attract new customers, with the new leading technology advancements made on the new gators. The measurements will consist of new numbers each month for new customers as well as the existing customer. The target range should be an increase of 20% each month. Through advertising and more try and rides at the dealerships, customers will be able to see products and try them out before buying, and John Deere should make thier number of adding 90% more in profits. With advertising the new gator, and having the try and ride events, John Deere will see a 90% of customers.

Internal Perspective

Integrity means telling the truth, keeping our word and treating others with fairness and respect. This will build strong relationships and will end with better running line. (Deere & Company, 2018). In order for John Deere to fulfill its operation line in Horicon WI, they must produce more inventories efficiently. The new line supports efficiency with the latest technology, but downtime, rerun and over time is high, thus putting the amount of units produced way behind schedule. The objective is there needs to be an improvement of manufacturing process, as well as improved delivery. Units need to be increased per day as well as labor efficiency. The main goal is 75 units to be made daily, and through Kaizen training and quality control, 75 units should be able to be build within a day. This would include redesign training programs for the employees and management and will be able to track downtime and lapse of time. This will allow us to see where critical mistakes are being made, and make necessary changes to make goals and objectives.

Growth Perspective

Quality means delivering value to customers and maintaining strong relationships with customers, while adding value to the shareholders (Deere& Company, 2018). If John Deere continues to keep training processes in place for employees, this will encourage employees to work hard, with no safety issues and promote continuous improvement programs and employees will make their quotas. When the demands of quotas are meant, employees receive quarterly bonuses based on how many units were made with no defects. This will allow the gator line to thrive, and will be able to keep raising the number of sales and hire more employees, which will lead to long time growth opportunities for the gator line. Training will need to be 100% complete in order to make our numbers, and we will have to keep continuous improvements reports every couple of months so employees can keep up with the proper lean information in order to make our numbers will less down time.


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Increase Revenue

Increase the number of new


Improve customer satisfaction

Improve customer perception of

quality index

Increase the number of new


Decrease new product

development time

Increase employee capabilities

Performance development plans

Labor efficiency

Leader learning development


Net Profit


process (lean)



(long term) for



Number of new products vs. planned


Employee satisfaction ratings

Percentage of revenue from new


Percentage of revenue from new



Customer satisfaction index


customer sales

Increase units

per hours

Employee and customer

engagement (focus group)

Market share (percentage of


Employees surveys

Contiguous improvement plans

Hire new employees

New tracking reports

Converge report form review group

Time to market (from start to finish)

Kaizen training

Track downtime

Employee development plans




80% by end of quarter




Customer surveys

Brand awareness score


Implement CRM


75% good or better rating