Man vs. Nature

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Man vs. Nature

This week we are discussing Genetically Modified Foods and just like any product available there are pros and cons. This will be a hands-on assignment that will require you visit a grocery store to compare and contrast Genetically Modified and Organic produce. Be sure to select the same type of fruit or vegetable to compare and contrast. You are not required to buy the product!

Note: You may ask a store employee for help to identify which produce is organic and which is a GM (conventional).

Student name:

What fruit or vegetable are you comparing?

Genetically Modified



Availability (quantity)


· Color

· Size

· Smell

· Weight

Where was it grown/imported from (country, state, etc.)?

Where were observations made (farmers market, Walmart, etc.)?

Short Answer Questions (Minimum of 250 words each)

What are the some of the arguments for labeling GM foods? What are some of the arguments against it? What side do you feel is more valid, why? Provide at least one source per argument (one for and one against) to support your claims.

What are some ethical concerns or benefits of using GMOs based on the Christian Worldview? (Refer to “Here’s What Religious Experts Have to Say About Faith and GMOs” for help answering this question.)

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