Powerpoint Presentation- Safety Training

Unit II PowerPoint Presentation: 10 Slides

You have been asked to create a PowerPoint presentation on a training method for executives at an organization you currently work for or an organization you wish to work for in the future. Research a training method of your choice to complete this presentation.

Below are the methods covered in this unit; you may select one from this list or a different method that interests you:

· Learning organizations,

· Adult learning,

· Evidence-based learning, or

· Method of your choice.

In your PowerPoint presentation, include the following points:

· Explanation of the training method;

· How your organization can implement it;

· The benefits of this method;

· The potential barriers to this method and how you can overcome them;

· How you will present this information (in a traditional format, computer-based, e-learning model, or a combination), an explanation of that method, and the reasons why; and