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From this information or any other valid double stuffed cookie website create an experimental design.

Possible resource:

1. Scientific Method

2. APA style format

3. APA Reference citation style

4. Read the advertisement on the web about the double stuffed Oreo cookies versus the regular ones because you do not need to buy the cookies unless you want to have a Let’s Dunk the Oreo cookies in a Glass of Milk. (Why Oreo’s? it was my favorite cookie when I was a kid)

5. Do not use any Google experiments found on the web. I will catch it and you will get a 0.

6. I place all assignments on safe assign and you have access to the report. I also have another two programs. So please show me how creative you are using what you learned and how you applied it.

7. Make sure you read the instructions

Please READ and ensure that you understand all the lecture notes and use the specific PowerPoints to help you understand the Scientific Method. You may have to go back to 1.1


One of the best methods of learning this process is to employ all disciplines to apply all the steps to solve the problem.

You may find this amusing because students in science classes often start the first chapter for that familiar step-by-step flow chart. The documentation describes how scientists develop a hypothesis, test a hypothesis, gathers data, analysis and then draw conclusions, and finally summary.

These chapters often include an experiment where students follow directions and answer a question. Unfortunately, these “canned” experiments often do not enhance or engage the creative process of designing a method to test a hypothesis. The reason might be that the plan provides for them an activity checklist.

The fun of any investigative process is the development of an authentic approach to testing a hypothesis. This method requires using critical thinking(logic) and clear communication, flexibility with changing a design that doesn’t seem to work.

Inquiry labs, or open-ended labs, allow students to explore science, answer a question, or test a hypothesis without the traditional recipe tied to traditional labs. Inquiry labs are a great way to start a chapter on learning the scientific method..

Each lab should begin with a simple question that leads to a way that will provide data to support the hypothesis and discover the relationship between the variables, independent and dependent. I like to go to the grocery store and find my investigative problems there on the grocery shelves.

An example would be how many red M&Ms does a large bag of candy hold. According to the M&M website, there is a certain percentage. I love to play a thinking game and see how many red M&Ms are in the bag versus the total number of M&Ms.

Well here is your assignment.

Use the Scientific Method To solve the problem.

How would you verify that double stuffed Oreos are double stuffed?

(Hint: You must use the scientific method)