BSC 251 Pt 2

Please select a common illness/ailment/condition/injury that would be applicable to a student enrolled in BSC 251 (topics involving the nervous system, special senses, endocrine system, digestive system, etc.). Do not select a topic outside the realm of BSC 251 (integumentary, cardiovascular, respiratory, etc.).

The following components should be addressed:

Introduction: Briefly introduce your topic and explain WHY the topic is important or interesting to YOU? WHY should it be of interest or importance to the reader?

Body of Paper: The body of your paper should include discussion of the following:

1. Discuss the cause/origins of the injury/illness/condition. Information such as a brief history of the disease (if documented), what causes the condition (genes, environment, combination, etc.), should be included.

2. Include a description of the injury/illness/condition using the correct professional terminology. For example, body system(s) and organs that are affected. Please include how they are affected.

OR Detection: What are the symptoms? How is it detected and diagnosed?

3. Describe Professional Services used to treat the injury/illness/condition.

4. Describe the treatment these services provide to the patient (benefits, side-effects, etc). (Is there a cure?)

5. Describe ways to prevent the injury (life-expectancy with disease, what is it like to live with the disease, etc).

OR Current status/ emerging issues: Discuss some of the latest advancements and/ or discoveries about the disease. What does the future hold?

The body of the paper should reflect a clear understanding of these subjects written in your own words. No headings or subheadings are allowed within the body of the paper.

Conclusion: In your own words, explain your reaction to the information you learned from your research. Do NOT just restate your discussion or facts from the paper. Your conclusion should be personal, based on what your learned while researching this paper.

APA Format

500 word Count minimum

Reference page

Rubric attached