psychology intro class

Paper (100 Points Total; 80 Pts. Paper, 20 Pts. Topic/Outline)

You will complete 1 term paper over the course of the semester . The topic for this paper can be anything related to psychology that we have covered during the semester or that we will cover before the semester ends. If you are interested in a topic we have/will not cover, you can also speak to me about it. The objective of this assignment is to allow you to pursue an interest you have in psychology much further than we would be able to do during a survey course.

The grade for this assignment will be based on two components: 1) an approved topic/outline (20 Points) that is due before the paper and 2) the paper itself (80 Points). Both of these components will be due as outlined in the syllabus. Your topic MUST be approved by the instructor before you begin the paper!

1) Paper Topic/Outline- Due March 28th

For your topic/outline, you will provide me with a topic and a semi-detailed outline of what your paper will be about. You must include 3 references with this outline (see below for what those references should be). You do not have to include every single detail that will eventually be in your paper: however, you must provide enough information that I know what you would like to write about, that you have enough information in mind to meet the requirements of the paper assignment and that you have begun researching your topic. The easiest format for these outlines will likely be bullet points but you can use whatever format you choose as long as you provide enough information.

The grade for the topic/outline will be based on: 1) how well the topic you have chosen “fits” with what we have been studying, 2) that you have provided enough details in your outline that I know what your paper will be about, 3) you have provided 3 references, and 4) your use of writing skills (e.g., grammar/proofreading/spelling, etc.)

2) Paper- Due April 30th

Your paper must be between 5-7 pages in length not including your reference page. It must utilize at least 5 references that are from reputable scientific sources (e.g., peer-reviewed journals, scientific book chapters, etc.). This cannot include your textbook or websites . Magazine articles, articles from non-scientific journals, newspaper articles, etc. will generally not be allowed as references; however, some exceptions may be made with instructor approval if they are used as additional resources. If you have questions about what references are appropriate, please ask! I will not require you to give me a copy of your references; however, I reserve the right to request a copy from you at any time and failure to produce them may result in a failing grade for you.

Your papers must be in APA style. There will be APA style guides available online through our class BlackBoard and through the Writing Center. Your papers will not have a title page, abstract or running head but they will have a body and a reference page. Papers must also be double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font with standard (1 inch) margins and must be written using the appropriate writing skills (e.g., grammar/proofreading/spelling, etc.).

The grade for this paper will be based on: 1) how appropriate your topic is for the course, 2) how well you cover your topic/support your ideas, 3) how appropriate your references are, 4) how well you follow the formatting guidelines, 5) whether you meet the page limits of the paper, and 6) your use of writing skills (e.g., how clearly you express your thoughts and ideas, your use of grammar/proofreading/spelling, etc.).