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Answer the questions below from a “Sales Related” film you have watched. Your paper should be double-spaced, Arial Font 11/12, and approximately 2-3 pages in length. Use the “Nature of Hospitality of Sales” as a reference to your answers

1. Did anyone in the movie learn Sales through classical training or mentor experiences were paired or associated with a certain style (reference Nature of Sales) and outside materials? Explain.

2. Did anyone in the movie learn Sales through conditioning training where they were rewarded or reinforced for behaving in a positive or negative way? Explain.

3. Were there any other things that contributed to the success or failure of the characters (please name the characters), i.e., anger, personal experiences, or personality as a whole?

4. What character(s), event, or theme did you resonate with? Why?

5. What sales situation or scene affected you the most?

6. In your closing paragraphs, use the film, your emotions from the film to explain a policy or change you would implement as it relates to sales management or culture of a business you are familiar with or hospitality industry business. (Chapter 3, Ethics: The foundation for Partnering Relationships that Create Value).

Note: Picking a movie is up to the student, I’ve included a web link for some of the best sales related movies. Glengarry Glen Ross, is an all-time favorite. Also, The Big Short, is a recent movie that is very