506-U7-AGP Wrongful Death by Howard Carpenter on Behalf of Wilma Carpenter (Essay Sample)

506-u7-aGp Critique ethical-legal concepts, principles, and dilemmas related to the provision of health care.Instructions:This is the malpractice cases. Case Study 2: Wrongful Death by Howard Carpenter on Behalf of Wilma Carpenter, Deceased. Construct a 3 pages paper about the legal constructs involved in Case Study 2.Directions:Write 3 pages APA formatted paper (title page and references list do not count). Support the paper with peer reviewed articles and case law where applicable. You must have 4-5 references within 5 years, (no Wikipedia or MDweb). You may have an appendix that has samples of documents that support your positions or expands on the facts of the case.The paper should discuss the following issues:• Risk management issues before and after the incident• Documentation and mandatory reporting
Case Study 2: Wrongful Death by Howard Carpenter on Behalf of Wilma Carpenter, DeceasedPeople Involved in Case:Mrs. Wilma Carpenter — patient, deceasedMr. Howard Carpenter — husband and plaintiff in wrongful death suitMrs. Scale, RN, MS — nursing supervisorElizabeth Adelman, RN — recovery room nurseRichard Washington, MD — orthopedic surgeonJudy Gouda, RN, NPJoseph Alsoff, LPN — post-surgical unit nurseKelly Wheeler, RN — post-surgical unit nurseDavid Casler, LRTSusan Post, JD — risk managerAmy Green — quality assuranceMichael Parks, RN, MS, CNS — education coordinatorCaring Memorial HospitalFacts:The plaintiff, Mrs. Carpenter, was a 55-year-old woman who underwent a total hip replacement at Caring Memorial Hospital. The physician was Richard Washington, MD. Dr. Washington is an orthopedic surgeon. His nurse practitioner is Judy Gouda, RN, NP. Dr. Washington reviewed the consent with Mrs. Carpenter prior to surgery. Joseph Alsoff, LPN, witnessed the consent and Mr. Carpenter was present. Joseph does not remember the doctor ever mentioning that death could be a result of the surgery. The recovery room nurse is Elizabeth Adelman, RN. The respiratory therapist is David Casler, LRT. The nurse on the post-surgical unit was Kelly Wheeler, RN. The supervising nurse was Mrs. Scale, RN, MS.The patient had an epidural catheter for a post-operative pain management following an episode of hypotension in the recovery room which was treated with Ephedrine. Judy Gouda made rounds on the patient in the recovery room after the hypotensive event and vital signs were stable. The patient, Mrs. Carpenter, was placed on a medical surgical nursing unit with the epidural. The nurse, Kelly, was assigned to the patient and had not worked on that unit before, but had worked in post-acute critical care units. The nurse’s assignment was to provide patient care on the entire floor for that shift. There was also an LPN, Joseph, on the unit. It was a busy day on the unit. Mrs. Carpenter was not the only post-operative patient.