Dean of Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, xxx Hospital,

I am writing a letter of recommendation for Dr. Chia-Wei, Lin,for clinical observership in your pediatric rehabilitation program. Dr. Lin is an intelligent and highly proactive young doctor, works as an attending physician in National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH), and earns reputations in the clinical and academic fields.

As the former Dean of department of PM&R of NTUH, I have watched Dr. Lin grow, seen her progress and great performance as a physiatrist. During Dr. Lin’s residency training, she showed an excellent fund of knowledge and skills, caring characters in patients, and good collaborative abilities, and even won the best clinical resident award in NTUH.

She also showed the talents in academic field.
While instructing her research, she sought the truth,worked hard, and actively solved the problem, and won the best clinical resident research award bypublishing her first research article in AJPMR.

After passing the board exam, Dr. Lin was promoted directly as the attending physician in NTUH. Chose the pediatric rehabilitation and neuro-rehabilitation as sub-specialty, and she great performance.

She actively took the responsibilities of pediatric rehabilitation inpatient care, and participated multi-disciplinary combined clinic, such as neuromuscular disease clinic, Down syndrome clinic, and earned good reputations among the colleagues. Her skills in sonographic and electrical stimulation guided techniques. And was an instructors in the international workshops.

Her research on neuromuscular disease was presented in international conferences. While discussion about career, Dr. Lin expressed her eager and willingness for advanced training in pediatric rehabilitation, especially the spasticity management, botulinum toxin injection and the robotic assisted motor training. Your pediatric rehabilitation departmentholds worldwide reputation and is famous for cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary training program.

It will be great honor if Dr. Lin has the opportunities to join your team and broaden, deepen her clinical skillsand academic performance. At our institution, we expect big things on Dr. Lin in the way of bringing in the innovation and professionalization.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to recommend this young, talented andproactive doctor to attend the clinical observership in your pediatric rehabilitation department.