Assignment #1:
Please answer in no more than 3 pages (double-spaced)
A 5 year old boy, whose parents are undergoing a divorce, reports that he was sexually molested by his father. His mother takes him to a psychologist who evaluates him using various techniques, including a clinical interview, Anatomically Correct Dolls and a test she has created: “Detection of Childhood Abuse Test” (DCAT). The psychologist is called to testify in court about her findings.
1) What are the issues related to the validity of using Anatomically Correct Dolls for this purpose? Explain the basis for your opinion (that is, cite the relevant sources).
2) Cite at least one U.S. Supreme Court case (covered in this course) which provides guidance that the Judge could use to decide whether the psychologist can testify about the results from the DCAT? What are the factors which would need to be considered?
3) Aside from the tests administered, what would you want to know about the clinical interview to decide whether the testimony in that area should be considered credible?