News delivery in today’a age is a completely different ball game than it was 20 years ago

Bryan Nelson

TuesdayMar 27 at 2:44pm

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News delivery in today’a age is a completely different ball game than it was 20 years ago. With the continued expansion of technology how news is relayed has also expanded exponentially. News delivery 20 years ago seems as if it was light years away but in actually 20 years is not that far ago, but how news was delivered was mainly through broadcast television and radio stations, with the continued support of newspapers. 20 years ago people had to be told about a news story and what I mean by that is, the news was told by news stations whether it be radio or television or blatantly by mouth. Newspapers were also relevant in that time as well, one could go grab a newspaper any day, and for me growing up we had newspapers delivered to our door every morning. Today I get most of my news from my cell phone or from reading news stations websites, such as CNN.

Today’s age, technology has become the way news is spread whether one wants to admit it or not. One doesn’t have to turn on a television or listen to the radio to know about the current news because most people can just pull out the mini computers that sit in their pocket. Our cell phones have become the gateway for how news is delivered whether it be from apps like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or just looking at the CNN app or website, news has become digital. There is even a news segment on most smartphones without even being programmed. Yes, people still listen to the radio and watch news outlets for news, but newspapers have become artifacts almost that are slowly dying out. Technology has really started on a whole new era of not only how news is delivered but how people communicate with one another. Some advantages of having news on literally in the palm of your hand is that it is always close and you can always be notified when anything and everything happens, compared to 20 years ago where things actually had to be reported properly. The disadvantages are that news can sometimes get misconstrued because not everything is fact checked right away or put through a thorough process like it was 20 years ago.